MGM Model School, Ayiroor. P. O, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram Kerala is founded and established by AykiaPradayini Trust as a community school in 1983. The Trust consists of a set of dedicated social workers of the locality. One of the founder members of the Trust Dr. P. K. Sukumaran is the Secretary of both the Trust used the school.

This school is situated in a remote village viz Ayiroor in Varkala is 55 kms away from Trivandrum city and 6 kms away from Varkala and Parippally. School is affiliated with CBSE in 1987 vide Aff. No. 930049. More than 2800 students from classes K.G. to XII are studying and nearly 250 teaching and non-teaching staff working. The silver jubilee celebration of the school was inaugurated by Sri. R. L. Bhatia then Governor of Kerala on 2nd Oct 2007 and its valedictory graced by his Eminem Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam. The school environment ensures a self-hygiene motivating and academically vibrant environment to the stake holders.

The school has the mission to impart best possible quality education to empower and enable the students at character building and to develop problem solving and thinking skills and thus attains excellence integrated with empathetic human values and innovational skills under collaborative learning. School also believes that educations should faster independent thinking and experimental and enable children to solve problems in life. We are also fostering the 21st century skills that would enable the students to acquire creative thinking, flexible problem solving, collaborative and innovative skills which all will need to be successful in work and life

This school is situated in a single plot of land of 21187 sq. metre, Buildings consist of 7 blocks with 4580 sq. m. and have 83 Classrooms, 3 Play Grounds of 4600 sq.metre. 3 Libraries, out of which 2 being Digital Libraries, 10 Rest Rooms 7 Laboratories viz Composit Lab, Chemistry, Physics and Biology Labs, Language Lab and 2 Computer Labs.Besides a tinkering lab for Artificial Intelligence, Robot and Virtual Learning Facilities,3 Auditorium Computer Lab contains 78 no. of. computers. All classrooms are smart and digital and have wife facility. In addition to portable drinking water 4 water purifiers are also available for drinking purpose. 33 school buses with 2 staff each are plying for student use. We have the system of fire extinguisher with alarm facility.

School is a Board Exam Centre. The results of AISSE and AISSCE during several years are cent percent. In order to preserve safety and security to students and staffs, school has already taken measures to prevent sexual offence with children under POSCO Act 2012 and to prevent sexual harassment of staff at work place under prevention, protection and redressal act 2013 and constituted sexual harassment committee we have also taken steps towards safety of children in campus and during transportation. Other facilities provided are:-

  1. The entire campus is full secured with CCTV surveillance
  2. Academic excellence is supported by 20:20 method which is a student centered classroom where 20 minutes for teaching activity and 20 minutes for student activity in a period of 40 minutes
  3. GDC classes for class 1-8 at the rate of each period in a week so that students can prepare PPT skit, debate, speech etc. So that the student can enhance their presentation skills and develop their presentation skills and develop confidence, social responsibility, communication skills, problem solving etc
  4. Smart digital classrooms are having smart boards enabled with extra marks software for the enter syllabus.
  5. Imported effective teacher empowered programmes every year in the month of May to enhance and done the skills of faculties with latest pedagogical strategies.
  6. To inculcate 21st century skill especially creative skills classes for special subjects have been arranged for chess, drawing, music, karate, painting, clay modeling, fabric painting, craft etc.
  7. Scout and guide team works
  8. We strive to enforce an enriched curriculum where we import human values, empathy etc through 18 various clubs. Charitable and social development for homeless and destitute are also undertaking by the clubs.
  9. The school is also having 3D Maths Zone easy calculation
  10. Solar panel for generating electricity in addition to generator. Biogas plant, incinerator, star forest. 40 no of rain pits in the campus with KG park are also available
  11. MOD has been in prevalence to record daily school activity
  12. Digital assembly was conducted by IT digit to enhance IT skill of students
  13. Pustakathottil – for collecting text books from student for donating to poor students.
  14. Bulletin Board is placed in front of all class rooms for displaying given topics for evaluation.
  15. Home visit of people who suffers from senile infirmities are done by the Malayalam Dept. of the school on old age day.
  16. SS museum is maintained with world map, different kind of rock and sid best out of waste materials etc
  17. Multimedia club is functioning with a variety of programmes including radio jockey.
  18. Counseling and special educator’s cell.
  19. Band troop and Aerobic team
  20. School buses 33 number for all directions
  21. Online classes with performance status of students and parents by their fingertips.
  22. Store for supply and distribution of text books and stationeries

Salary of staff members are being paid through bank a/c and reasonable monthly tuition fees and other fees are being collected from students through bank branches. A canteen for student and staff, sufficient no. of.toilets, urinals and washrooms separately for boys and girls. Gents and ladies are available. A mini theatre is also available. Academic activities are from June to March every year. A strong PTA committee and school managing committee are also functioning.