Fit India School Week Celebration 2020 December

The second edition of Fit India school week celebration was conducted for class 1 to 12 from 11 December 2020 to December 2020 The activities are conducted in Online platform.

Day 1

a) Virtual assembly – Topic:- Free hand exercise for class V
b) Fun and physical activities for class III
c) Virtual free hand exercise for class 1 and 2

Day 2

a) Virtual assembly – Topic:- common yoga protocol for class VII
b) Webinar Restrengthening of mind post pandemic – mental health and fitness for Class XII resource person Mr. Sudeesh c s assistant professor SAI L. N. C. P. E

Day 3

a) Brain games (chess and Rubik’s cube) for class 4
b) Poster making competition topic new India Fit India for class 8

Day 4

a) Essay writing competition topic fitness beats pandemic for class 9

Day 5

a) Online sports quiz for class X
b) virtual fitness challenge (squat challenge, step up challenge, sport Jogging. Rope skipping ) for class VI

Day 6

a) Family fitness – Activities for fitness section at home involving students and parents.

The scheduled week helped the students to involve in various interesting activities. It helped everyone make aware about physical and mental fitness to be maintained throughout the life





YOGA (22-11-2019)

We, the Physical Education Department conducted the assembly for all the fifth standard students and they assembled in proper manner in the assembly section. Our Yoga teacher delivered speech on Yoga and its benefits along with Yoga standing postures like Vrikshasana – Improves balance and stability in the legs, Hastauttanasana – improve digestion and Tadasana – improving posture.


We, the Physical Education Department organized a Sports Quiz Competition named as Quiz Wiz based on health and fitness Questions for fifth and eighth standard students. The Quiz Competition consists of 3 rounds. The first round – True or False, Second round – choose the correct answer and the Third identify the personality. From Fifth standard seven teams were selected and from Eighth standard four teams were selected. There was a tie breaker for each section competition. After that we announced the winners.


We, the Physical Education Department organized a Poster Making Competition based on Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment for the classes of Fourth, Fifth, Seventh and Eighth. Almost eighty students were participated in that competition. For us that was a difficult task to select the best poster. Because all postures were equally good, the students were expressed their thoughts about the Health and Fitness clearly on the chart paper.


We, the Physical Education Department organized a Debate on Mental Fitness for the classes of Fifth and Sixth standard students. There were six team participated in the competition. One of the team argued that by physical activities we can only maintain a fit body. There is no relation between physical fitness and mental fitness. And the other teams were totally against in their arguments they said that there is a relation between both physical fitness and mental fitness


We, the Physical Education Department conducted an assembly included with free hand exercises. One of our Physical Education teacher delivered speech about health and fitness to the students also informed them the benefits of the physical exercises. After the speech they started the free hand exercise along with leader. It made them more sportive and active.


We, the Physical Education Department organized a programme named as activities on fitness and nutrition here we selected some students from eighth standard and gave them some tasks like sit-ups, push-ups, etc. Depending on these activities they can understand their fitness level and thus helps to improve their physical status. After we have given them some sessions for nutrition awareness class to maintain their body in a healthy level.


We, the Physical Education Dept conducted the speech on fit body and fit mind. The upper primary classes have participated in the assembly. The speech was delivered by Ms. Veena Vinod, teacher of Physical Education Department.


We, the Physical Education Department conducted the game named as Kancha, indigenous game played in Himachal Pradesh. Sixth std students participated in the game and played very well.