1. All the students should attend school in the school uniform.
  2. Uniform should be clean and neat. Students with uncombed hair, dirty finger nail etc. will face serious censure.
  3. Students will be in the school campus at least 10 minutes before the first bell. Complete silence will prevail at the time of prayer and all school function.
  4. School premises and classroom should be kept neat and tidy. Scribbling on the walls, desks, benches and Boards, Scattering bits of papers, dust from the pencil sharpener, toffee wrappers, damaging the furniture and school property etc. are strictly forbidden. In case, if any such damages are caused by a student, then such losses will have to be made good either by compensation or by replacement and the cost accrued with that will be borne by the student.
  5. Students’ behavior towards teaching and non-teaching staff and elders should be marked by respect and obedience.
  6. No student will be permitted to loiter in the school premises. Gossiping, misbehavior acts, distracting other students making any kind of disturbance during class hours should be avoided.
  7. All the students should converse in English on the school campus and premises to acquire greater facility in the fluent use of the language.
  8. Every student should bring the dairy to the school every day.
  9. Students should pay their strict attention for doing their class work and homework assignments as instructed by the teachers strictly and regularly. Any negligence if found will be considered as serious misconduct on their part and serious action will be taken.
  10. Severe disciplinary action will be initiated against those students who continuously indulge in misbehavior or nefarious activities.
  • Be regular and punctual.
  • Don’t be absent without a valid reason. Intimate your class teacher / class leader in advance, as far as possible.
  • Bring the leave form signed by your parent, the next day.
  • Bring medical certificate for absence exceeding 6 days.
  • Be self – disciplined and an ideal model within and outside the school.
  • Always bring your own stationery. Avoid borrowings.
  • Speak only English on the school campus.
  • Stay back to play only with permission from HPE teacher and also parents.
  • Attending school assembly is compulsory.
  • Each student should be a good model for the others.
  • Avoid mehandi, nail polish and any other fancy items.
  • Boys should have scaple hair cut. Girls with short hair should use simple black/white hair bands. Girls with long hair should plait their hair on both sides and use black/white ribbons.