The Primary Section of the School has 1100 and above students. The students here have learning that is funfilled. Once in a month we follow a day without books. Through various activities, competitions, games and so on students are involved in the learning process. Reading, handwriting, spellings, elocution, story telling, story writing, verification, recitation, skit, etc are some of the activities that they participate in outside activities are a part of their study. When ever possible they are taken outside so that they learn which they play and enjoy. To arouse their curiosity they are often taken to the 3D Maths Zone to learn and identify shapes. The Globe and the map of India give them a chance to understand and locate places. Instead of insisting on bookish learning, we have adapted the system of 20:20 i.e, the students get a chance to prepare lesson and present in the class. This preparation would involve in referring books etc and thus they would get a chance to increase their general knowledge, and read more about the topics in discussion. Students are also given a chance to present their ideas and views on topics given to them during the G.D.C period. Newspaper reading, Current affairs, Vocabulary are also given equal importance. We observe all the important & special days by conducting special assembly. We thus aim at building up a generation of youngsters who will be able to face the challenges of life.